Company WENEW
CEO Name Dojin Park
Telephone ☎ +82-10-8786-0744
Fax ☎ +82-31-796-8246
Address 102-ho, 15, Misagangbyeonhangang-ro 220beon-gil, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Selling Category [K_160108000000] Other Home Furniture

WENEW was created by people who dream of a new and more fun world. We develop various items for kidults and collectors and we concentrate on creating goods and services of a higher value rather than price.

1. Yourshelf
- DIY furniture that can be easily assembled and used.
- Casual furniture that can be used in a variety of ways according to the user's environment.
-Manufacturing of houseware, repairing and decorating by one's self.
-Do-It-Yourself acronym
-shelf, bookshelf, (book) shelf.


1. shelf + acrylic = cabinet
- simple addition formula but '=' was completed through the designer's attention to even the minor details.
- revolutionary shelf that is as simple as Columbus' egg but one that no one has tried.

Yourshelf is a versatile shelf that can be used as a shelf or a cabinet, depending on the user's purpose.


Yourshelf is easy. Easy assembly and disassembly without tools. Save installation costs and valuable time.

Yourshelf is simple.
Super normal design concept and minor details with consideration for sense of touch, naturally sparkles the space.

Yourshelf is colorful.
Various color shelves can be used to produce the desired interior atmosphere (various colors will be released)


Yourshelf is bigger.
Compared to other products, you can display more by creating a bigger exhibition space for holding more objects.

Yourshelf is light.
It is lighter than steel/wood which enables easy delivery. You can easily move the furniture.

Quality ÷ Price
Yourshelf has excellent cost effectiveness.
Reinforced plastics and superlative pigments make it a high quality product.
Value that surpasses price is the core of Yourshelf.

Yourshelf will create be a more valuable collection.
It can be freely configured and used according to the taste of the user, as DIY furniture should.